Here is a list of our products. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Our automatic sampler is designed to seed certification specs, giving you the most representative sample as well as saving the time required for manual sampling.

Automatic Sampler

Twin Screw Mixer

Seed mixers are our specialty. Our vertical twin screw offers the most efficient mixing available for most seed varieties. From bottom load models to top load modules, we have your needs covered.

Dust collection is a requirement in seed processing. Pictured is our Mini Bag House ideally suited for smaller, self-contained installations. We also offer our big Bag House for full-sized installations. Also pictured is our dust hood to keep your dumping station to minimum.


Bag House

Elevators are custom designed to your specifications in length and capacity. Our standard single trunk design includes a lagged top pulley self cleaning bottom pulley. We use standardized Tapco plastic buckets making replacements a cinch.


Honey Comb Bagging Bin


Conveyors are custom designed to meet your size and production requirements. We manufacture various styles of belt, auger and vibratory conveyors. Pictured is a vibratory conveyor used as an infeed.

Bagging bins are designed with honeycomb interior baffles. This feature helps to reduce separation and maintains consistency throughout your blend.

Transitions give flexibility in controlling your production flow. Pictured is an air operated, square to round, two way transition. We can design a transition to fit your needs including: various inlet and outlet shapes and sizes, air or manual operation, two or three way outlet. We also offer a flow divider to help balance product flow.